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Q:   Can I follow the trail of my purchase?

A:   Yes. The most up-to-date information about your Purchase and the delivery status of your Purchase is available in My Orders. In addition, the customer will be notified of the progress of their order via e-mail.

Q:   What company is responsible for delivering my purchase?

A:   The choice of which carrier will be responsible for the transportation of your order will be the exclusive responsibility of STICKOLL and the Customer has no influence over such decision. At the moment, we work with the CTT EXPRESS carrier. In the future, STICKOLL, LDA may decide to work with other carriers, or decide to stop working with this carrier.

Q:   Can I add another product to the Purchase I made?

A:   No, after completion, the Purchase can not be changed. To purchase another product, the customer must start a new purchase.

Q:   I did not receive all the items in my purchase. What do I do?

A:   Please contact our CAS (STICKOLL Call Center, LDA) or the other means of assistance available.

Q:   Can I make a Purchase on the Site with NIF?

A:   Yes. Individual or collective entities can create their account in the Site and make Purchases.

Q:   How do I confirm the availability of a product in stock?

A:   On the Site, if there is a shopping cart visible at the time of order, it means that there is stock of the product.

Q:   Can anyone receive the product I bought?

A:   Yes, provided you are of legal age, be provided with an identification document and sign the delivery note.

Q:   Is there a minimum order value?

A:   No.

Q:   Does STICKOLL, LDA deliver partial deliveries?

A:   No, deliveries will be made by Purchase made on the Site, including always the total of products purchased in the respective Site Purchase.

Q:   Can I change the delivery address?

A:   Yes, but only before completing the Purchase on the Site. Once completed, the Purchase can not be changed. In case of doubt, contact the CAS (Service Center STICKOLL, LDA)] or other means of assistance available.

Q:   How is freight calculated for my order?

A:   The freight amount is calculated automatically, from the selected products and the customer's delivery address. The freight value information already calculated for a particular address and certain products appears to the Customer at the time of completion of the Purchase on the Site.

Q:   Can I send a part of the Purchase to one address and another part to another?

A:   No. All products purchased in a particular Purchase will be delivered together at the same address. To send products to two different addresses, you will need to make two different purchases, at different times.

Q:   Can I include or exclude products on my shopping cart

A:   Yes, but only until the completion of the Purchase on the Site. To include, just click on the plus and, to delete, on the trash. To change the quantity of products inside the shopping cart is necessary that you put the quantity (in numbers) that you want to acquire.

Q:   Can I resume a shopping cart?

A:   Yes, as long as the products in it are still available in stock, you can retrieve the shopping cart and end the Purchase.


Q:   What are the means of payment available?

A:   At the moment, the Site accepts payments by reference Multibanco, Bank Transfer or Paypal. In the future, STICKOLL, LDA intends to adopt other means of payment. These changes will be posted on our Site and reflected in our Payment Policy.

Q:   What is the procedure if there is a duplicate payment?

A:   You can contact the CAS (Service Center STICKOLL, LDA)] or other available means of care. In this contact, you can request the cancellation of the duplicate payment.

Q:   What if my payment is not approved?

A:   You will be notified within 48 hours and you must enter another payment method. Otherwise, the Purchase on the Site will be canceled.

Q:   What is the term of approval of the Purchase?

A:   The deadline is up to 48 hours.

Q:   Can I change the card after the Checkout is complete?

A:   This will not be possible.

Q:   How to request the second invoice?

A:   Just contact the CAS (Service Center STICKOLL, LDA) or the other means of assistance available.

Q:   Can I use my card issued abroad?

A:   Yes, as long as it is accepted by Paypal.


Q:   Is it possible to order a product that is not for sale?

A:   Yes. There are products that may not be available for sale on the Site and may be requested via email or CAS (Centro de Atendimento STICKOLL, LDA)

Q:   Does the STICKOLL site practice lightning offers?

A:   Yes, you can see the Promotions item in our Terms and Conditions of Use. In addition, these promotions will always be announced on our Website with highlight, indicating the time and conditions of validity, and by e-mail to all registered customers to receive this informations. Stay tuned for the offers available on the Website outside of business hours and register your email to receive these notifications.


Q:   What if my product does not exist anymore?

A:   We will provide for the cancellation of the Purchase and the refund of the payment, in the terms of our Policy of Exchanges and Returns.

Q:   How to return a product? / How to return a defective product? How to return a product for repentance or withdrawal?

A:   To return a product, simply send the same to our headquarters. If you have any questions, please contact the CAS (Service Center STICKOLL, LDA) or other available means of contact. The procedure will be the same for return of defective products and for return for repentance or forfeiture. In such cases, the deadline will be a maximum of 7 (seven) days. For more information, please see our Exchange and Returns Policy.

Q:   What are the return shipping regulations?

A:   Initially, you should contact CAS (Service Center STICKOLL, LDA) or other available means of contact, informing the reasons for the return. For more information, please see our Exchange and Returns Policy.

Q:   How do I cancel my purchase?

A:   If you wish to cancel your purchase, you can contact the CAS (Centro de Atendimento STICKOLL, LDA) or the other means of contact available, and request cancellation. In both cases, our professionals will guide the Customer with regard to the entire process.

Q:   Reimbursement of canceled order values?

A:   The refund will be made by bank transfer or by paypal (in case this was the payment method chosen in the purchase)

Q:   After the exchange and return period, if the product is defective what should I do?

A:   If you have any problems, please contact CAS (STICKOLL Call Center, LDA) or other available means of contact.


Q:   How to create an Access Account?

A:   You can register by clicking Login-> Register Here and filling out the Client form. Creating an Access Account will make it easier to navigate the site, for example by making wish lists and simplifying the purchasing process.